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bachelorette party miami, candle making

Not Your Average Bachelorette Party: How to Do It Differently

It’s no secret that Miami is a premier destination for bachelorette weekends. With our numerous beaches and famous nightlife scene, this city knows how to bring the fun. But if you’re on the hunt for some Miami bachelorette party ideas that aren’t necessarily basic, your search is over, thanks to...
Fancy friend gift guide, gifts for bougie friends

The Ultimate Gift Giving Guide for Your Fancy Friends

Just about everyone has a resident “fancy friend” in their group. You know the one—that person with lavish taste who is impossible to buy for. They’re fun, you love them, (you always borrow their things) but also, what do you give someone who already has it all?   If you’re on a quest to locate t...
Experience gifts, candle making

Raise Your Gift Game This Year with Experiences

When a gift-giving occasion approaches, the prospect of choosing the right item for a loved one can feel stressful—and sometimes, the receiving end isn’t any better. How often have you received a gift that you know is destined for a thrift shop? Even the presents we like can lose their appeal, or...
candle making, candle land activity

Candle Making and Conversation: What to Expect at Candle Land

Make 2022 the year to connect with friends and family members once again and explore local activities you can all do together. One such option is candle making—this is a memorable experience to share with loved ones, while immersing yourself in a unique creative process.   If you are in the Miami...
modern home, vibrant home

How to Make Your Home Feel Like You

When decorating a house or apartment, the aesthetic you choose and the pieces you find can elevate the whole space to feel cozy, inviting, and chock-full of personality—a home that you love retreating to. But how do you create an environment that speaks to your own vibe without blowing serious mo...